Microchipping & pet passports

Many pets go missing every year and some unfortunately don’t manage to find their way back to their owners. Queens Park Vets can help by microchipping your dog or cat.

This is a safe and simple form of identification that can increase the chances of your pet being returned safely. The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is implanted quickly and painlessly underneath your pet’s skin, between the shoulder blades. Each chip carries a unique 15 digit number which can be read by a scanner The microchip is registered with the national pet recovery database who store all of your contact details. Veterinary hospitals, dog wardens, animal shelters and police stations have microchip scanners to check for identification. For microchipping in Queens Park we can help. Call Queens Park Vets to make an appointment.


If you would like to take your pet abroad they will need a pet passport. Travelling in Europe is now much easier with the new EU pet passport. Ask us for details on pet passports in Queens Park.

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