Pet pharmacy & shop

There are many choices, including online, where pet owners can buy pet medicines. As part of the Petcare group, Queens Park Vets supplies medicines from authorised sources, so our pet owners can be sure it is safe.

Also, as we have the full medical history of your pet on file, we can prescribe the appropriate medicine and dosing for your pet. At Queens Park Vets we offer a local and professional service dispensing medicines for short-term and chronic medical pet health conditions. Pet patients will benefit from our pet pharmacy in Queens Park and pet owners will be reassured, knowing the medication comes from reputable sources and is dispensed with personal care.

Queens Park Vets can also give you advice about and supplies routine medication, such as flea prevention treatments and effective wormers. Petcare clinics do not recommend those from supermarkets or pet shops.

Queens Park Vets are also pleased to provide services through our online shop.


Queens Park Vets supplies a great range of nutritious pet food, including specially formulated diets and treats, as well as pet accessories and toys.

If something you require is not on display, please ask. Any items not in stock can be ordered for next day delivery, please just let us know what you need.

Orders made by 6pm Monday to Friday and 11.30 Saturday will arrive next working day.