Surgical & dental services

Queens Park Vets offers a wide range of surgical services. Our vets are highly skilled surgeons and we continue to provide the best in veterinary medicine.

Before any surgery we will discuss with you in depth, what is involved in the procedure and answer any questions or concerns you may have. From spaying and neutering to more complex procedures, such as treating arthritis and hip dysplasia, we are pleased to offer the full range of surgical and dental services on site in Queens Park.

Dental surgery

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums and avoiding periodontal disease is important for a long and healthy life for your pet. Our modern ultrasonic dental equipment means fast and efficient dental procedures.

Caring for your pet

We understand your concern when pets need to come in for surgery. Our focus on anesthetic safety, the latest surgical practices and providing post-operative care and pain management will put your concerns to rest. At Queens Park Vets our veterinary team are experienced in all aspects of critical care, from cross matching blood types to monitoring safe blood transfusions.

We make sure all our patients are as comfortable as possible during their procedure and recovery. The Queens Park Vets nursing staff are caring and diligent, treating each pet as their own. We will keep you informed of your pet’s progress at all times.


When your pet is ready to come home we will go through their post-operative care and medication instructions with you. We understand that surgery can be a time of anxiety and stress for pet owners. If you have any concerns after your pet returns home or during the post-operative period please call us. At Queens Park Vets we want to do all we can to help your pet recover fully.

For more information on surgical care, please visit our before and after surgery page.

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